71 Vodka is a Premium Vodka, aromatized, 40°. It is obtained by a manual process of double distillation in traditional cooper still in small batches of 500 litres each.
This fine vodka has been made with the purest alcohol. Apart from this, water is key in our distillation process. The water used is soft and pure and comes from a natural spring called Fuentes en Segures, located in Benasal, Castellón. This water has been awarded in different international competitions.
Finally, the Vodka is doubled filtered, in order to guarantee its quality, purity and exclusivity.
71 is a Vodka produced by Carmelitano Distilleries, in Benicasim (Castellón, Spain). Its name is based on the distance in kilometres from Benasal to our distillery.
We do not want to reveal botanical ingredients used in this exceptional Vodka, that has a touch of citrus and a Mediterranean character.

Capacity: 700 ml.

Format: bottle


The final product is clear, where highlight citric aromas and flavours, lemon leaves and orange blossom; it is dry, tasty and persistent. It has a pleasant structure and creamy, with a clean finish.


In a cold glass add 5 cl. of 71 and 20 cl. of refreshment.
We recommend serving as a “Vodka tonic”, although it is also served with lemon.
We will use refreshment and lemon peel oil to perfume the glass.
It may be drunk neat, with ice or as a cocktail ingredient.
It joins perfectly with fresh dates, steak tartar, tuna tartar, carpaccio of beef and blue cheeses.


castello ruta de sabor carmelitano